realview-3d-scanner3Dtastical. Just look at it. Is it a new kind of treadmill to zap off that flabby mid-section? Not quite. It’s a 3D scanner debuting at CES2009 this week and it’s got all sorts of buzz.

The Real-View 3D Scanner claims that’s it the cheap way to create full 360° scan of objects. You’re probably already familiar with the NextEngine scanner that’s been a solid industry leader for high-quality 3D scans of solid geometry, so what’s this all about?

The target? definitely mainstream.
Sadly enough, the applications to 3D CAD are elusive. It’s listed uses? Exporting to PDF or e-bay account. Product Marketing so to speak.

With Lenovo launching their eLounge this week, that allows you to browse their products in a virtual environment via Nortels web.alive technology, it easy to see where a product like this could spin your goods into the online arena.

What do you think? Is there a mainstream segment out there that could use a ‘cheap’ 3D scanner?

Price? Examples?
There’s no word on pricing, no example videos, no specs or other details than what’s on the site and out at CES. It uses 3D medical imaging technology that can manage some very detailed images. To get any play though, at least in 3D industries, it’s gonna have to beat NextEngine’s $2,995 price and create some really detailed meshes.

Via: Wired


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