albatron-optical-monitorI bet all of you are anxious to have someone stick their donut fingers all over your monitor screen as soon as these touchscreen displays start showing up. And showing up they will. March 2009, marks the month Albatron Technology will debut their 21.5″ Full HD multi-touch display.

This sneaks in right on the heels of a Windows 7 Beta release that sports multi-touch capability. This could mean big changes in the future for desk and CAD jockeys alike.

Oh and this isn’t just any old touchscreen monitor…

It’s an Optical Touch Monitor (OTM) that uses optical sensor to detect movement to a more accurate degree.

The difference between an Optical Touch Panel and a traditional touch panel lie in the sensing material, that make up the screen itself. In a traditional touch panel monitor (capacitive, resistance types), “sensing” technology is embedded into every square inch of the screen. In Albatron’s OTM, there is absolutely NO “sensing” technology in the screen per-se; movement is all tracked with infrared light, optical sensors and reflection bars surrounding the screen on the edges of the frame.Press Release

Other features it will have:

  • 120 points/second refresh rate
  • DVI port, DSub
  • Audio Line-Out
  • USB 2.0 connection

Price? unknown at the moment, but I’m guessing sub $900.

Again with the multi-touch??!
We’ve looked at the possibilities of how multi-touch will affect CAD/PLM. I admit the whole idea fascinates me. But you gotta admit, if this functionality is there is gonna seep into how we design products just a little, don’t ya think?


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