The internet is fast, stable, and a wonderful way to shop, research, chat with people and be entertained. However, it was not always like it is today, and if we go back to the 1990s, the internet was much different. Today, it is easy it is to browse the internet, purchase a product online or play a game, such as those at the best online casino for Canadians. We often take it for granted but compared to the 90s, the internet today is a gift we should be treasuring.


Back in the 90s, you used a home telephone to contact friends and make arrangements. Few people had mobile phones, and those that did were nothing like the smartphones we have today. Mobile phones were big and did not have a screen like the smartphones of today. The internet can be used on mobile devices, and mobile applications have been created, such as WhatsApp. This app is used on a mobile phone to chat with individuals or groups of people using text or video calls. Facebook is another example of a website where people can show what they are doing in every minute of their lives and share it with the world via the internet. This was not possible in the 90s, and the internet has become a vital communication tool.


Gone are the days of having to set your video recorder to watch something on television if you could not watch it at the advertised transmission time. The internet means we have access to television shows 24/7, and we can watch them when we choose. YouTube is a fantastic source of entertainment on the internet, with millions of people uploading content for others to watch for free. Gaming has changed significantly since the 90s, and you can play games online with other people from around the world. In the 90s, gaming was restricted to consoles or computers, with multiplayer games being only available to those sitting with you in the same room. Thanks to the speeds of the internet today, even the most complex and graphic-hungry games can be played online with other people who could be thousands of miles away.


Online shopping has changed dramatically since the 90s. It was possible to order items online in the 90s, but the choice of products was slim, and you would often have to wait sometime for the item to arrive. Fast forward to today, and the choice of products is enormous. Some online retailers can get the product to you on the same day, and we can order food items that can be delivered within a space of a few hours. Businesses are easier to find than ever before, and most commercial businesses have a website. In the 90s, it was rare to see a business with an online presence, and most brick-and-mortar stores did not have a website.

Despite the fact the way we navigate and use the internet today is significantly superior to the 90s, we must not forget the impact the 90s had on what we have now.