Now that 2020 is upon us its time to get busy flexing our creative muscles anew! So what did ole-Skillcoach go and do? He busted out his markers and set to sketching and videoed it to-boot! Here’s a little teaser of the tasty sketching tidbits coming down the pike throughout the year. First, up “Building Quick & Proportionally Accurate Concept Underlays.”


Stay Tuned!


Vince has worked as Studio Engineer for consumer and medical product brands such as Whirlpool, Newell and ResMed Ltd. Australia. He's garnered 39+ patents and has designed everything from totes to toasters, and fiddles to furniture. He enjoys all things 3D and has carved out a niche as a Class-A Surfacing Guru. Active in both industry and academia, Vince serves as a Creative and Technical Skill Development Coach providing hands-on training and workshops pertaining to CAID/CAD. Vince relishes opportunities to keep learning and sharing what he's learned!