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Watch 800 Unmanned Drones Create The Mesmerizing Illusion of Flying Planes

If drones changing shape on the fly and shooting streaks of hot flames weren’t enough to make you question what will rule the skies in the future, then this might change your mind…

Will it Work?: Barbell Gym Weights as ATV Wheels

They say it’s always good to get some exercise in wherever you go, but I don’t think “they” meant anything like this.

DIY Injection Molding With 3D Printed Molds (and How to Avoid Warping)

With the rise (fall, rise, plateau, small rise, little fall, and rise again) of 3D printing and its ability to let us create, basically, anything (except for money, which is illegal), it was only a matter of time before its close cousin, injection molding, got in on the accessible, mass part-producing action.

This is What Happens When You Push a Robot Too Far

We all know robots go through rigorous testing before being put on the market, but what if we pushed them just a bit too far?

STIHL’s VR Training Course Teaches How to Use High-Powered Chainsaws

They say the best way to learn how to do something is to just do it, but in the case of power tools, this isn’t always the case. Being handed a chainsaw when you’re a complete novice can be a daunting (not to mention dangerous) task, so it helps to have someone with prior experience show you the ropes.

Watch Dozens of Old Floppy Drives Accurately Recreate Famous Tunes

Back in an age they called “the late 90s”, people used to use floppy drives to store data on computers. These thin, somewhat portable disks could hold a whopping 2.88 MB of data by the turn of the century, so it’s no surprise they were rendered obsolete come the 2000s… at least in terms of storage space.