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Behind the Design: How Urwahn 3D Printed a Bike for Urban Riding Conditions

Since the 19th century, the bicycle has undergone thousands of different design iterations for different riding styles and rider sizes. While you could say frame designs have varied based on road or offroad usage, the core design of the bicycle itself hasn’t gone through many revolutionary design changes.

This LEGO Pizza May Not Be Appetizing, But It’s Still Dang Cool

Though LEGOs have been used to create lots of things such as robots and life-size vehicle models, they never really move as smoothly as you would want them too. It might be due to their blocky nature, but without the aid of outside parts from different manufacturers, LEGOs move in a clicky, clacky manner unique to themselves.

College Student Duo Create Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Audio in Real-Time

While applications such as Google Translate can help us understand the written word in foreign languages on the fly, there hasn’t really been such an application to help with sign language. Rather than relying on sound, sign language is comprised of a series of rapid hand gestures that have to be seen and analyzed together before making sense.

Astronauts Can Now Recycle Plastics Into 3D Printing Filament

Space manufacturing company Made in Space recently teamed up with thermoplastic resin and polypropylene company Braskem to create a plastic recycler for astronauts stationed at the International Space Station.

Model a Boeing 747 in SOLIDWORKS

You may have ridden on Boeing 747. You may have even designed parts of a 747. But have you ever created an entire 3D model of a Boeing 747-8 exterior (including landing gear) in SOLIDWORKS?!

The Russian Sherp Looks Like a Micro Machine, But is Actually One Tough Truck

If your first instinct was to pick up this ATV and plop it on your homemade Hot Wheels track, you aren’t alone. This is a Sherp – a Russian ATV whose main features are its boxy design and ginormous tires.