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Behind the Design: This Superyacht Construction Timelapse is Insane

It takes a heck of a lot of resources to get a superyacht seaworthy. Serious money, human resources, and time are spent making sure the luxury ships can withstand extreme ocean swells—yet still provide enough comfort for passengers so they can feel safe in what is essentially a floating hunk of metal in the sea.

The TF-19 WASP is a Functioning Flamethrower Drone Attachment

As if those pesky drones from neighborhood hobbyists couldn’t get any worse, along comes a new reason to worry about all those unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) taking over the skies.

Matchstick Art

20,000 Matchheads Won’t Launch This Miniature Space Shuttle Skyward—But It Sure Looks Cool

Matches, for lack of a batter term, are pretty hot right now. They can be used to start fires for cooking, illuminate dark areas, and provide warmth during cold nights. Matches are also pretty combustible and thus are used by artists and YouTube creators to produce some awesome matchstick art.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Will Award Medals Made From Recycled Electronics

The Olympics may be where the world’s best athletes showcase their skills, but it’s also a chance for hosting countries to show off the best of their culture and hopes of what the world could become. Next year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo is no different.

The Kano PC Lets Kids Build and Customize Their Own Windows Tablet

With an increasing amount of STEM programming kits teaching children the basics of computer technology and coding, it was only a matter of time before one came along to that also teaches younglings how to also build a computer all on their own.