Huddle around the computer a little bit, your digital detox is a farce! How can you stay away from great stuff that you can read and chew on … mentally that is! We got you covered, while you were away, busy with your digital detox diet. Don’t be shy, take a look at the week that was, right here on SolidSmack.

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Watch an Insanely-Detailed CNC-Machined Recreation of Mt. Saint Helens

Most craftsmen think of CNC machining as a means to an end, but for the filmmaker and digital artist Dom Riccobene, it’s the best way to make miniature landscapes of both real-world and fictional locales.

MIT Engineer Builds Bionic Leg That Feels Sensation

As we inch closer to the future promised by the late 20th century (still waiting on you, flying cars), the technology we thought to be impossible is now starting to become reality.

SkillCoach | Onshape CAD Improvements Mega Resource Pack Collection!

Contained in this post is my curated list of must-know Onshape features and enhancements. When I started digging around I decided I’d go back and grab the goodies from 2018 and mid-2017 as well. Hence the megapack!

React Robotics: Kicks Future into High Gear, Provides Access to AI and Robot Tech

We’ve all seen the intensely cool robot development coming out of Boston Dynamics. The latest videos from the company show a level of untethered quadrupedal and bipedal agility only previously imagined in movies. It’s a level of tech that seems inaccessible outside of a well-funded company or government research facility, but one company is breaking down the barrier to research and development in advanced robotic systems.

Frank Howarth Immortalizes A Family Vacation In A Wood-Turned Resin Sphere

While the best (and easiest) ways to keep memories are through writings, photos, and videos, they aren’t quite as creative as what woodworker and filmmaker Frank Howarth has come up with.

Weekend Builds: How to Make a Pocket Hacksaw

Instead of lugging around a traditional hacksaw, YouTuber Cemal Açarshows how you can create your own portable version that fits neatly inside of a pen-like case.