Careful with that sharp putty knife. You don’t want to jab a main artery, grape salad or nostril as you read this. Oh! too late. The vessels have ruptured, starting with the SolidWorks user who brought you the free Camaro Tutorial and free Speaker tutorial. Now, he has a website offering even more.

Certified SolidWorks Expert Matt Perez launched his new site at SolidWorks World 2011. Now, is the single site which contains his vast amount of knowledge that not only teaches, but also helps you approach the fun of modeling other complicated surfaces.

There’s more to his site than simply surfaces though. Matt has provided some quick overviews of different functionality you have in SolidWorks. He touches on topics from sketching to multibodies and was even kind enough to link to SolidSmack in his Links section. ROCK ON. Thanks Matt for sharing all your knowledge with us. I’d say he needs to add a blog to the site, but I’d rather he keep churning out the lessons rather than writing into the wee hours of the morning.

In addition, you can also find Matt on Twitter @SWLessons.


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