What’s better than being beat with the rough edge of a 3D printed car door? Many things… many, many things, but one activity that’s better, which totally relates (to cars, not being beaten) is surface modeling! Yes, hooray for surface modeling.

You’ve seen Matt Perez’s site. Now, we’re gifted by another SolidWorks user who’s pulling some car surfacing shenanigans over on YouTube. Mateusz Kliber from Poland has 2.5 hours of Audi TT surfacing for you… all for free.

“I know that it isn’t perfect (especially the rear bumper) but you should understand that it is only 2.5 hours, free tutorial and I’m not Matt Lombard. My intent was only to create a model that will [look good] after rendering. It looks nice. However, there are several surfaces that need improvement. For example, the roof or the area above the rear wheel. On the other hand, if this is your first model of a car (or even the first contact with surface modeling), the [result] isn’t so bad.”

Here’s the first video in the 26 part series Mateusz has put together. You can find all of the videos on Youtube – Audi TT Video Tutorials. Maybe it’s not as good as the Audi R8 Tutorial, but you get an idea of how the process of surfacing a car in SolidWorks goes and if you’re a pro, you now have something to nitpick.

YouTube video

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