At an average of 200 to 250 words per minute, most humans accept their reading rate—which hasn’t changed in over 100 years. But in the information age, have you ever thought about how much your productivity could skyrocket if you doubled—even tripled—that rate? What if you could finally get around to finally finishing off that stack of books you’ve been putting off all year in a couple of weeks?

By doubling your knowledge management rate alone—be it from skimming through emails or industry trade journals—you can quickly free up an additional working hour per day. For a typical work week, that’s no less than five hours gained back— all by just rewiring how your brain scans, comprehends, and ultimately, recalls information.

The Become A Speed Reading Machine Course teaches all of this and more—including how to apply your new skillset to get a job promotion or simply make income on the side. After all, reading isn’t something you should do; it’s something you must do—so why not invest in yourself? And for a limited time, the course can be yours for just 9 bucks—that’s a staggering 95% off the retail price of $195!

Become a Speed Reading Machine — $195 $9 (95% Off)


  • Access 67 lectures & 3.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand why everything you learned in school stops you from reading more than 20 books per year
  • Discover a hidden benefit of reading that will make you want to read every single day
  • Learn a little known trick that can instantly double your reading speed
  • Explore ‘The Double Time Solution,’ a simple thing you can do to read twice as much without spending any extra time
  • Know how to use what you learn from books to make more money


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