Have skills and itching to make a difference with the shortages in coronavirus-related supplies? There are lots of individuals, companies, and communities organizing and many other open-source personal protection equipment (PPE) designs available. Investigate the list below to find a way to put your vital CAD-modeling, 3D-printing, nunchuck skills, and other talents to use!

There’s a lot going on (and a lot of projects!), so just remember, DO WHAT YOU DO BEST and you can help no matter if it’s in small ways are big ways. If you have any to add, please let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: We’re not making any claims of the effectiveness or safety of any of the work these organizations are doing. Use the info at these links at your own discretion and risk!

PPE Proposals

Engineers Assemble (Ventilator)

You can add to or download from this open-source library of ventilator CAD files. There’s also a section for respirator masks:

➡️ Engineers Assemble

Isinnova (Ventilator)

Here you can download the 3D printing files for connectors you can use to help convert a snorkeling mask into an emergency ventilator mask:

➡️ Easy COVID 19

This hacked snorkel mask is shown on Isinnova's page for COVID19 engineering.
This hacked snorkel mask is shown on Isinnova’s page for COVID19 engineering.

Durable PPE Project 2020 (Mask)

Thanks to John “Johnny Mac” McEleney of Onshape for sharing this with us. The proposal found in this link is for figuring out how to produce more durable, makeshift filtering masks. This idea adapts scuba masks with 3D-printed connectors and filter materials commonly used elsewhere in hospitals:

➡️ Durable PPE Project 2020

OpenLung BVM (Ventilator)

Thanks again to Johnny Mac for this also. This design is in progress and the aim is to use an already available “bag valve mask” (used in CPR) to hack a quick, low-resource ventilator:

➡️ OpenLung BVM Ventilator

Concept illustration pulled from OpenLung project on GitLab March 26, 2020.
Concept illustration pulled from OpenLung project on GitLab March 26, 2020.

CIIRC RP95-3D (Mask)

he CIIRC RP95-3D protective half-mask was developed by a research team at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics CTU (CIIRC CTU) in Prague in one week. It is a personal protective device – a half-mask – with an exchangeable P3 filter that meets the highest degree of protection.

➡️ CIIRC RP95-3D (Half-Mask) with an P3 Exchangeable External Filter

Copper 3D NanoHack (N95 Mask)

Copper 3D is working out a 3D-printable N95 mask design called “NanoHack” here:

➡️ Hack The Pandemic

Copper 3D's NanoHack printable mask design.
Copper 3D’s NanoHack printable mask design.

MIT MASKproject (N95 Mask)

A project from the MIT Media Lab to design an open hardware, reusable, sterilizable, modular, and filter-media agnostic face mask that aims to hit the N95 efficacy criteria. A collaboration with Helpful Engineering and organized by maskproject.tech.

➡️ MIT MASKproject

The Mask Project

A group of volunteer engineers and designers, and a subset of the Helpful Engineering incubator platform, who are organizing multiple projects, including a face mask and a face shield.

➡️ The Mask Project

3DVerkstan (Face Shield)

3DVerkstan has developed three different visor versions, very minimal, and available for download.

➡️ 3DVerkstan Face Shield

Foster & Partners (Face Shield)

Foster & Partners have developed a laser-cut, reusable face shield. They have shared the design as an open-source dwg file that can be loaded and cut on a flatbed cutter.

➡️ Foster & Partners Face Shield

Inventas (Face Shield)

The product designers at Inventas have created an infection protection visor that does not depend on 3D printers. Instead, it uses a simple elastic band. They provide the instructions, templates, and files here.

➡️ Inventas Face Shield

Stratasys (Face Shield)

Stratasys is heading up a COVID-19 initiative that brings together more than 150 organizations to produce 3D printed face shields. They’ve also provided the face shield design and files available for download.

➡️ Stratasys Face Shield

Ponoko (Face Shield)

Ponoko has spun up the capacity to manufacture 2 million face shields at up to 100,000 per day. Using the open-source design from UW Makerspace (see below) they have a site to purchase assembled face shields in quantities of 5 to 2,000,000.

➡️ Ponoko Open Face Shield

Prusa Printers (Face Shield)

These guys give warnings about when creating a 3D printed mask design, but face shields are a different story. Prusa Printers is working on finalizing their 3D-printed shield design, now in its 2nd revision and being field-tested. You can learn more about here:

➡️ Prusa Medical Shields

WhiteClouds Bulk (Face Shield)

WhiteClouds has reported it manufacturing 3000 facemasks per day. The design is a full length face shield with a 1.5″ thick polyurethane foam headband. It’s also latex free and resistant to fogging. They have bulk pricing and bulk price ordering for 100+ face shields.

➡️ WhiteClouds Face Shields

MIT Single-Piece (Face Shield)

MIT Project Manus in cooperation with Polymershapes has designed a flat-packed, single piece, foldable face shield that enables them to produce over 2.5 million per week. They’re currently taking orders by the case (125 shields/case).

➡️ MIT Single-Piece Face Shield

UW Makerspace (Face Shield)

A collaboration by the UW Hospital, UW Makerspace, Delve and Midwest Prototyping based on shields currently used in hospitals and completely open-source. Supplier and manufacturing resources included.

UW Makerspace Badger Shield

Genesis Plastics (Face Shield)

Genesis Plastics Technologies, based out of Greeley, Colorado, announced they are also producing large quantities of face shields. They whipped up a design on the fly with a 3D-printed component to help in-state medical professionals facing shortages.

➡️ Contact Genesis Plastics

Hands-Free Architecture (Door Handle)

Hands-free Architecture has developed several 3D printed solutions to convert a door handle into a hands-free door handle. You can download the files here.

➡️ Hands-Free Architecture Door Handle

Materialise (Door Handle)

Materialise has designed a three-piece hands-free door handle that available in STEP, STL, and X_T formats.

Materialise Door Handle

Precious Plastic (Door Handle)

Precious Plastic has made the mold files for their hands-free door handle, based on the design from Materialise (above), available to the public.

➡️ Precious Plastic Door Handle

RepRap (O2 Concentrator)

You can view an open-source oxygen concentrator design that MacGyver would be proud of here:

➡️ Open Source Oxygen Concentrator

Here's a schematic for an open-source oxygen concentrator idea you can find at RepRap LTD.
Here’s a schematic for an open-source oxygen concentrator idea you can find at RepRap LTD.

Creality (PPE)

3D Printer maker Creality has models for several types of personal protective equipment. Model downloads include those for Face Shield, Face Mask, Goggles, and Face Mask Buckle.

➡️ Creality PPE


Snapmaker has made a variety of PPE available on Wikifactory from face shields and goggles to masks and mask buckles. Details include files, making, and assembly instructions.

➡️ See Snapmaker PPE options

Origin (3D-Printed Nasal Testing Swabs)

Origin is part of an FDA-registered, 3D-printed nasal swab consortium. You can request flexible, COVID-19 testing swabs from them here.

➡️ Contact Origin

Carbon (PPE)

3D Printer manufacturer Carbon is coordinating with partners to manufacture PPE and other medical equipment with Carbon Technology. The items currently include Nasopharyngeal Swabs and Face Shields. They can be contacted for more info.

➡️ View details and contact Carbon



3D HUBS is organizing a fund to support projects looking to manufacture critical equipment at scale. You can donate or apply for funding through this link:

➡️ COVID-19 Fund


This amazing project allows you to provide your computing power to run molecular protein folding simulations at home that goes towards finding cures for a wide range of illness, including the COVID-19 coronavirus.

➡️ Start Folding@Home


Formlabs is matching up Formlabs customers willing to do 3D printing with those in the healthcare community in need of supplies. You can find out more at the link below and also sign up to be a volunteer.

➡️ Formlabs COVID-19 Response

Open COVID-19

Dassault Systèmes has a community on its 3DExperience platform with lots of experts from different fields and countries to qualify ideas that emerge. You can find more information here:

➡️ Open COVID-19

OSCMS: Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies

When I first asked my network about how we could help with our bow-hunting, I mean, engineering skills, I was pointed to this international Facebook group:

➡️ Open Source Covid19 Medical Supplies
1. Read: Our Intent, Needs, and Your Role (Google Doc)
2. Read: Careables.com Corona Care Maker Initiative (Google Doc)


Coronavirus Tech Handbook

This open-source document covers a lot of areas including a section on “Engineering” that you can add to yourself. Sometimes this link is difficult to open due to high traffic. If that happens, you can try again at an hour more likely to be off-peak.

➡️ Coronavirus Tech Handbook

HP COVID-19 Prevention Methods

Hewlett-Packard has free, 3D printable design files right now for respirators, face shields, hands-free door openers, and mask adjusters (to make them more comfortable for long periods of wear). You can also submit your own designs to them. Find out more at this link:

➡️ HP COVID-19 Prevention Methods

Remote 3D Printing Presentations

Jason Lopes is an entertainment industry veteran currently working at Carbon. With children at home he sees the need for education on 3D printing. He is offering educators to host remote presentations to share his knowledge and fill the gaps. See his post on LinkedIn then reach out to him for details:

➡️ Contact Jason on LinkedIn


Vivek Krishnamurthy of HP shared the digital manufacturers below who are “waiting and able to help hospitals and medical professionals alike in need of spare parts.”

Athena 3D Manufacturing
Paradigm Manufacturing

GoProto, Inc.
Dinsmore Inc.

Avid Product Development

Custom Color 3D Printing
Fast Radius, Inc.


Empire Group

Forerunner 3D Printing
Extol, Inc.
Linear AMS

DI Labs

New Jersey:
SICAM Corporation

North Carolina:
Additive America

Aerosport Additive


RapidMade, Inc.

Midwest Prototyping

UW Makerspace Suppliers

UW Makerspace, creators of the open-source Badger Shield have databases of material suppliers for PET Flim, Foam, and Elastic Bands.

➡️ View Face Shield material suppliers


CoVent-19 Challenge

This challenge is “An Open Innovation Effort to Design a Rapidly Deployable Mechanical Ventilator“. There are a bunch of MD’s on their team, so that’s a great sign. You can sign-up on this page to learn more:

➡️ Covent Challenge

Designer Contest: Everyday Necessities

Prusa Printers is holding a contest in addition to its own development work. This one is focused not on medical supplies, but on the everyday things we all might run out of in this (hopefully) temporary chaos:

➡️ Everyday Necessities

Other Lists

Dragon Innovation published a list of open projects and resources:

➡️ COVID-19 Open Source Projects

A list of open-source projects can be found at Wikifactory:

➡️ Wikifactory COVID-19 Projects (Project Template)

Companies in the News

More Resources?

We’ll be updating this list as we are sent them or hear of others. If you have a project or know of one, please tell us in the comments or contact us with more information. Thank you!


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