How do we know so much about CLO 3D? Didi told us.

That’s right, kids. We’re back. (Sort of.) Actually we just met Didi, thought she was super cool, and figured we’d record a conversation. Are we getting back into the p-casting game? Maybe. We do miss the sound of Josh’s sweet, sultry alto in our ear cans something fierce. So yeah. If you know of anybody we should have on the show, let us know.

CLO sounds flippin’ sweet. We wants it.


Didi is one of our most-favoritest people. We kinda want to be her when we grow up, actually.

Check out Didi on Linkedin, Instagram, and/or Behance.

At the end of the show Didi mentions Brooke Roberts’s digital knitting work. Highly recommended.

A few examples of Didi’s CLO work: