A standing desk is not a luxury anymore. Those people who spend hours working at a desk know that this job is not as easy as many believe and is connected with many issues. With time, you start feeling that you are gaining weight, and over time, weight gain is becoming uncontrollable.

It can lead to obesity which is already a medical condition, and obesity, in turn, is a frequent cause of diabetes, problems with joints and bones, and many other chronic and frequently incurable diseases.

How Can a Standing Desk Help You to Preserve and Improve Your Health?

There are many reasons to switch to a standing desk. First of all, we will check those health-related improvements you can count on if you use the desk correctly.

First of all, your back and neck will feel the difference within a couple of days. When you are working at a traditional desk, your back and neck are bent in an unnatural position. But in the case of an automated desk, everything changes. You can stand and stretch your muscles and joints. The back, neck, and other body parts have a chance to stay in their natural positions, the blood circulation recovers, and you start feeling much better.

Because of the above-mentioned reason, you stop suffering from migraines (they are caused by insufficient oxygen delivery to our brain, and it happens when the neck is bent). Even if earlier, no pills and medicines were used to help, it can be changed once you start using a standing desk. Needless to mention that it positively influences your mood and ability to work.

For your hands and wrists, a height-adjustable desk delivers other benefits. You can adjust the desk height just by adjusting the height of standing desk legs with millimeter accuracy to prevent the development of tunnel syndrome, discomfort in wrists and fingers, and other issues typical to people who have to type a lot.

These are short-term effects. You will observe them within a couple of weeks. However, in the long term, you can count on even more benefits.

Long-Term Benefits from Using a Height-Adjustable Desk

In the long term, you can expect that using a height-adjustable desk will prevent you from having those problems that are typical to people who have a sedentary lifestyle.

So, in the long term, a standing desk can prevent you from suffering from obesity. Whether you go to a gym or not, with time, the sedentary lifestyle leaves its signs. But with a standing desk, you will be more active. So, instead of sitting, you can stand. Of course, it will not replace physical activities, but still, you will move more, and you will feel it.

Obesity, in the long run, leads to other issues such as diabetes and other health-related problems, some of which are incurable. While not all of them are caused by a sitting job, most of them can be triggered by the lack of movement and obesity.

Consider though that for such a desk, you’d need a comfortable chair and an ergonomic carpet. These items will complete the set and enable you to take the maximum benefits whether you are working while sitting or standing.

Use the Desk Correctly

Of course, just buying a standing desk won’t change a lot in your body. To benefit from it maximally, you need to use it correctly. There are a lot of physical activities you can do while working – yes, right, for some of them, you don’t even have to interrupt reading!

Check on the web and choose those activities that are easy for you to do. Start with them, and increase the workout time every day little by little.

Further, you can include increasingly complex elements in your workout. With time, you will see that you do not have to worry about your physical appearance or health – you will feel just like after working out.

If you work in an office and are shy to do exercise when your colleagues are present, choose something that can be done without attracting their attention. Such exercises as lifting on toes, stretching your legs while sitting, and some more can be done without anybody noticing it. With time, you will be getting more confident, and later, some colleagues will want to join you.

Bottom Line

A standing desk is not magic, but it can help you in many different ways. We have checked how it can influence your health condition. However, consider that if you feel better, you also have a better mood and work much better. It means that the desk, whether you have purchased a ready-made item or have built your own desk, is going to pay off rather quickly. And the benefits that it delivers to your health and work productivity are immense.