Your child’s growth and development depend on several factors, one of which is the food and milk intake. If you are looking for the best kind of milk to feed your child, you can consider giving them baby formula. Why? There are many reasons why the formula is the best choice for you and your baby. Not all women are capable of breastfeeding. Some may not be able to produce sufficient milk for their babies’ needs, while others may have a health condition or are taking medications that prevent them from breastfeeding. Baby formula fills in these gaps.

Yet, it is also true that when you look around, you will find several brands that offer baby formula. But none is as great as the baby formulas provided by HiPP. In this piece, we will take a close perspective on the HiPP formula, learn its different kinds, and discover why you should nourish your child with the products from HiPP. Read on.

HiPP Baby Formula And Its Nutrients

The organic formula range of HiPP is crafted with essential nutrients that support your baby’s development. Parents can find a blend of powdered organic milk, organic vegetable oils, and essential vitamins and minerals that include Vitamin K, C, and folic acid in each of these formulas. These are what make this organic formula brand the top choice in Germany and across Europe.

Furthermore, what sets this apart from other competitor brands is that it uses natural lactic acid culture or probiotics originally extracted from authentic breast milk to give your child a formula that is one step closer to what nature provides. Not only do these probiotics help reflect breast milk’s natural components, but they also support a healthy gut flora which is vital for healthier immunity. This time, let us take a look into the different types of baby formulas by HiPP.

Various Kinds Of HiPP Baby Formulas

Each infant is unique in their nutritional requirements and needs. This is why HiPP produces each of its formulas with a particular purpose, understanding the complex needs of babies. During the most fundamental phases of their growth, nutrition is key to supporting their development.

Additionally, when it comes to fulfilling your baby’s specific needs, HiPP Infant Formula provides only the best, ensuring optimal health for your babies.

1. HiPP Formula Dutch Version

The first is HiPP Dutch. This is manufactured in Germany and packaged in the Netherlands. Its base is organic skimmed milk from cows, and it is also starch-free. It likewise contains prebiotic fiber that is derived from organic lactose, known as galactooligosaccharides or GOS. These help contribute to the growth of healthier intestinal flora. HiPP Dutch is also enriched with HiPP’s very own lactobacillus fermentum hereditum, natural probiotic lactic acid cultures extracted originally from real breast milk.

2. HiPP Formula UK Version

On the other hand, this variant is packaged in the United Kingdom and also made in Germany, like the Dutch version. Its content is similar to the Dutch version, except that it is the only country version that does not contain probiotics.

3. HiPP Cow’s Milk Formula German Version

Made and packaged in Germany, HiPP Cow’s Milk Formula German Version also has a base that consists of organic skimmed milk from cows, contains prebiotic fiber from organic lactose, and is enriched with lactobacillus fermentum hereditum extracted originally from breast milk, similar to the previous products discussed earlier.

However, its later stages contain starch as an added carbohydrate source, and it has two starch-free options that include HiPP Stage PRE and HiPP Stage 2 No Starch.

4. HiPP Goat’s Milk Formula German Version 

If you prefer to feed your baby with goat milk, you can safely do so with HiPP. The brand’s goat milk formula is the perfect alternative to baby formulas based on cow’s milk. The base of this goat’s milk is organic skimmed goat milk that naturally consists of A2 milk proteins, or special types of protein best suited for those with sensitive tummies since they are more quickly, easily, and entirely digested by babies. This variant also contains GOS for healthier intestinal flora.

5. HiPP Anti-Reflux

HiPP also has the Anti-Reflux formula, designed to resolve regurgitation and reflux from birth. Added with a natural thickening agent from carob fruit, this formula is known for its dense consistency, helping the baby better retain food in their stomach, thus reducing vomiting and regurgitation.

The carob fruit’s gum is not just a natural thickener but also a valuable natural dietary formula, so your child’s stools are softer with the intake of this formula.

This is also enriched with a combination of prebiotics and probiotics to help digestion. However, be sure to first consult with the doctor before feeding them with this formula.

6. HiPP Comfort 

Meanwhile, HiPP Comfort is best for babies with super-sensitive digestive systems. It is designed for managing the dietary needs of lactose-related three-month colic, constipation, and flatulence from birth.

Its base contains hydrolyzed milk proteins from cows with a reduced lactose content, and it is enriched with a combination of prebiotics and probiotics to help digestion. It also regulates and loosens the baby’s stool. Be sure to first consult with a doctor before feeding them this formula.

7. HiPP Hypoallergenic

Then, you have the HiPP HA, specially formulated to help in the reduction of risks of allergies to milk protein. Its base consists of extensively hydrolyzed cow milk proteins low in allergens and less likely to be treated as foreign by your baby’s body. This variant is also enriched with probiotics and prebiotics for better digestion. As usual, consult first with the doctor before giving them this formula.

It Starts With You

There you have it—the different kinds of HiPP baby formulas. HiPP is a popular baby formula brand in Europe. It was started way back in 1899 by a man whose wife was struggling to breastfeed their twins, so HiPP was able to provide them with a solution.

While you saw that HiPP formulas have their differences, all are premium organic formulas you can trust. The brand is committed to providing you and your baby with the most nutritious organic products that contain no harmful chemicals, antibiotics, or pesticides. If you are ready to start, consult your pediatrician to determine the most suitable product for your baby.

It begins with you, as a parent, making the right choice. Your baby deserves only the best.