PDF is one of the widely used formats for sharing files owing to its compatibility with all types of devices and platforms. PDF files can also be secured using encryption, a watermark, and a password if needed. Conversely, PDF files are also prone to corruption for several reasons. So, if you, too, are facing issues with corrupted PDF files showing messages like “cannot open the PDF” or “an error occurred while opening this document,” you are reading on the right page. You would here need to repair PDF.

In this article, we will take you through the best tool that can help you repair corrupted PDF files so that they can be opened and read.

Part 1. Reasons for PDF File Corrupted

Several reasons might lead to the corruption of PDF files. Listed below are some of the major ones.

  • Interruption in the process of PDF file download due to unstable internet connection, internal system, and others.
  • Issues with the storage media or the hard drive.
  • PDF file corruption due to viruses and malware in the system.
  • Improper system shut down where PDF file is open.
  • Use of compatible programs for opening the PDF file.
  • PDF files can also be corrupted while transferred between the computers.

Part 2. Best Way to Repair Corrupted PDF File

We mentioned in the beginning that specialized tools can help you repair your corrupted files. So, if you are looking for a simple yet effective one, we recommend Wondershare Repairit as the best option. Compatible with Windows and Mac systems, this professional tool can help repair many corrupted files, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Wondershare Repairit supports repairing all PDF file versions, including 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7. The tool is capable of extracting and repairing all the components of the PDF files, and that too without any modification in the original file. You can fix the forms, hyperlinks, graphs, watermarks, footers, text, and more.

The software can repair and fix issues like files not opening, garbled files, unreadable files, changing the layout, and more.

Steps to repair corrupted PDF files using Wondershare Repairit

Step 1. Launch the software and add PDF file(s)

On your system, download, install, and launch the software. On the main interface, choose File Repair on the left side panel and then click on the + Add file to browse and import the corrupted PDF files.

wondershare repairit 1

Step 2. Repair PDF files

Once the added files appear on the interface, click the Repair button for the software to start processing. During the file repair process, you can stop the process anytime in between when needed.

wondershare repairit 2

Step 3. Preview and save the file

Once the process is complete, check out the repaired files using the Preview button and save them to your system’s desired location.

wondershare repairit 3

Part 3. Additional features of the Professional PDF File Repair Tool

Wondershare Repairit is an excellent file-repairing tool that can fix corrupted PDFs and other files and media files like videos, images, and music. Check out the striking features of the software.

  • Support various media and other files, including video, music, image, PDF, Word, and Excel.
  • Support almost all file types and formats like MP4, JPG, MTS, MOV, MKV, etc.
  • File repair is supported in multiple scenarios and situations like pixelated images, frozen photos, corrupted files, broken files, and more.
  • New Repairit for an Email tool that supports rescuing corrupted and deleted PST/OST emails from Outlook.
  • Available to preview before saving.
  • Simple, user-friendly, and quick to use.
  • Windows and Mac compatible.

Part 4. Other Ways to Repair Corrupted PDF Files

In this part, we will take you through some other ways and troubleshooting methods that can be tried to repair corrupted PDF files.

1. Restoring the previous file version

Another method to repair a PDF file is by restoring it to its previous version. Windows system has a built-in feature where a backup of files in different versions is done. These backup files can be used if the latest ones in the latest version get deleted or are corrupted. To restore to the previous version of the PDF file, move to the location where the PDF file is saved, right-click on the file, and then choose the Restore previous versions option that will show the file versions available. Choose the desired one and restore the file.

2. Using online tools

An array of browser-based tools for repairing PDF files are present as well. You can try using one of these tools to repair the files. Online tools are simple, need no software installation, and are usually free. Some of these tools that can be tried are iLovePDF, PDF2Go, and more.


Corruption of important PDF files can be quite a stressful situation. As we mentioned above, a few troubleshooting solutions can be tried, but if you are looking for a sure shot way, Wondershare Repairit should be used. This simple yet effective tool will help you recover your PDF and other files in just a single click.