The recent boom in the online casino industry is backed by amazing games that are introduced by the famous casino gaming software providers. Online gambling sites and companies are focused on engaging more players. This is the reason why we get to see some new casino games on different online casinos. Gambling expert and huge casino fan, Jayson Peter from, stated that live blackjack is one of the most popular types of casino games at the moment. 

In 2022, statistics indicate that online casino sites are more likely to get a higher number of players than the previous years. Top online casino games include entries from different categories but what factors are driving new players to the casino sites and what are the latest trends that players love about online casino games? We are going to discuss all of these details in this article.

Top Online Gambling Trends in 2022

Even though there are people who do not like new online casino games, those people are quite a minority. There is absolutely no doubt about it. It’s the same for the online gambling industry. Many professional and casual players enjoy new online casino games which have progressively become more popular over time.

This is one of the reasons why we see more interesting innovations coming out of the casino gaming industry with each passing year. A lot of game developers work in secrecy to bring out attractive and exciting games that will make players want to play even more than before. Here are some top trends to consider in 2022:

1. Increased Regulations

One of the most important factors that are going to play a role in the 2022 online gambling trends is increased regulations that will come into play across the world. Because of legal restrictions and regulations, companies will have to put sufficient effort into making sure that they do not violate any laws.

2. More Gambling Sites

In 2022, there are going to be more online gambling sites than ever before. More players are going to get hooked on different types of gambling games which will grow the number of potential players who are willing to take chances while they gamble their money. Most of these sites will continue to innovate new features and offer lucrative bonuses so that they can keep growing their businesses and increase profits in the long run.

3. Full Integration of Blockchain Technology

There is no doubt in the fact that blockchain technology has worked wonders for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The same streak is also visible in the online gambling industry as many companies are introducing their own unique gambling platforms based on blockchain technology.

4. More Playable Games

Deals and offers introduced by leading casino sites will attract more players to the industry. These deals would be very attractive and that’s one of the main reasons why we can see more players willing to join these sites. 

5. Mobile Gambling Experience

Mobile gambling games are all set to take a big leap forward in 2022. There are many casino games that can be played on mobile phones and it is only going to get more interesting as time goes on. Mobile casino games have been growing rapidly in number and popularity over time. This trend is only going to continue because most new phones support the latest online casino games.

6. Integration of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality gaming has taken off in a major way over the past few years but it has yet to make a significant impact on the online gambling industry. Some companies are already working on integrating virtual reality into their gambling software. Those companies are likely to get a lot of attention from players who want to enjoy VR technology when they gamble in 2022.

The Rise of Live Blackjack Casino Game

Live Blackjack is one of the most popular types of casino games. A few reasons why are that it has nice high volatility and provides a lot of excitement.

The game is always played with at least one live dealer that interacts with the players on the table to provide an experience closer to playing in an actual casino. 

Players can place their bets right away, or try their luck by placing their bets after the cards have been shuffled and dealt. The game is only available for high rollers as there is no maximum bet when playing this game.