Gambling online may be a pleasurable and healthy activity. This activity is known to have many pros for players such as easy access, comfort, and variety from any location. One major con attached to this however is the presence of Internet predators such as hackers and fraudsters. These Internet predators are everywhere online, seeking how to steal from unsuspecting victims and the online gambling world is not excluded from this. A typical example of this is the numerous 5 dollar deposit casino flying all around. Due to the really low minimum deposit offered, a lot of players are understandably attracted to them but it is noteworthy that the bulk of them are shady in their operations.

This is why it is very important that players are very careful and cautious in picking an online casino. You do not get to select a good casino by sheer luck, unlike the game itself. Rather, a lot of intentionality goes into ensuring that you cross out the red flags and select a casino that is devious of possible shady attributes. Knowing how to spot a shady casino might save you a lot of time and money, however, you may not know where to begin if you are new to the world of online gambling.

Select Right

In online gambling, it is very easy to get carried away by the multitude of options before you such that you tend to overlook even the most basic of what to look out for. Before you can identify a fake online casino, you have to know what a legit one looks like so your selection process is easy. Basic things to look out for with a legit casino are:

  • Recognized Licensing
  • Reachable customer support
  • Reliable software providers
  • Great bonus offers

Knowing these attributes to look out for in a good casino is a great first step. Recognizing the shady casino is then a walk in the park as the signs pop out to you immediately you see them. some of the signs that characterize a fake online casino are;

No Recognized License

A licensed casino means that there is an authority that puts the casino in check at all times. These checks also involve regulations on how players are treated by the casino. Therefore, you can imagine what it means for an unlicensed casino. As this is a major indication of how reliable a casino platform is, all licensed casinos have this information clearly displayed on their websites. In some cases, some casinos even have more than one license displayed as they operate in multiple regions. A typical fake online casino would not have any of such displays on their website for the simple reason that they are not licensed by any regulatory body.

Casino Information is another sign to look out for in a casino. Every standard online casino platform has an ‘about us’ section on its website landing page. Customers may learn about the firm, its owners, policies, and more by visiting this page. As expected, Fake online casinos would have little to no information regarding their business procedures. As such, it is advised that you always look at the “About Us” section of the website.

Security Setting and Customer Support

Authentic online casinos always go a step further in ensuring that their player’s details are safe and secure when on their site. This can be confirmed by the SSL certificate that is typically displayed on the website. A fake online casino would not have such a certificate displayed on its site. In addition, failure to view a green padlock icon next to the site URL indicates that the website is attempting to hide its true identity and you should immediately exit such as the site. The use of pop-ups is also popular with such casinos as it is used to steal players’ personal information. You can easily get distracted by them as they suddenly appear on your screens. Fake online casinos use this as a means to gather players’ personal information and sell it to third parties.

This sign is one that is very glary to players; anyone providing fake services would definitely not provide valid means of accessing them. This is the same with fake online casinos. There is no customer support service provided for players. Any genuine and well-intentioned company has a way of communicating with its consumers. Emails, live chat, and phone numbers are typical examples of these channels provided by top casinos in Canada. Fake online casinos, on the other hand, will give false or no information concerning customer service.

Single Payment Option and Bonus Offers

Payment methods are another criterion for determining if a gaming site is safe or dangerous. A standard and reputable casino aim to provide its players with multiple payment options. As such, it is not surprising to find one casino that offers players options, including credit cards, wire transfers, eBanking, and even cryptocurrencies. This will enable them to select their most preferred option and avoid possible payment issues. These fake online casino sites, on the other hand, do not offer multiple payment options. They typically only accept one type of payment, and their account information is frequently hidden under fictitious names and locations.

To entice new players, almost every online casino develops promotional deals. However, if you see a bonus that appears to be far too substantial, you are most likely dealing with a malevolent platform. Accepting deals that appear to be too good to be true is a red flag that you’re dealing with a phony platform. Fake casinos might offer huge bonuses because they don’t intend to pay them out, or they want to cheat you off with ridiculous wagering requirements. All casinos are seeking out ways to entice players to their site, and bonuses are a means through which they utilize this. However, money doesn’t come by that easily, and so if anything appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is.


Although there are still other warning signs you can look out for, these ones are the most popular signs that cannot be easily missed. It is quite easy to get carried away with attractive features, which makes players become a victim of these fake casino sites. Therefore, it is very important that you take note of these signs and flee whenever you recognize any of them in a supposed casino.