The dawn splintered through the trees, atop their burrows, and one by one they emerged. Covered in willow roots wrapping them through the centuries, but none the worse for wear, save a patch of fur missing here or there. So we watch from afar, and for days it went on, more emerging, more unwrapping, more rising to gather these links.

Niels Prayer – A treat to see the progression and experimentation the Paris based motion design and director has created over the years.

Stranger Things Christmas – An absolutely brilliant mashup of Charlie Brown Christmas and Stranger Things. Merry Christmas Will Byers.

Things I have Drawn – Tom Curtis turns his 6 year old son Dom’s drawings into real life photos.

Ants Eating Stuff – Set to stock music. A strangely satisfying new channel on Youtube capturing a timelapsed devouring of different foods by fire ants.

Practicalities – If 6 cats can kill 6 rats in 6 minutes, how many will be needed to kill 100 rats in 50 minutes?

The Journey – A group of travelers searching the dried sea. Emilie Stabell’s year of work creating this concept by Sam Bosma in 3D is beautifully done.

Atlas Obscura Map – All 10,000 extraordinary, odd and otherwise unusual sites as documented in Atlas Obscura, but on one map.

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Fix My Life – A saxxy, live performance of Fix My Life by Melt Yourself Down, featured on SolidSmack Radio.

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