A sound came from the crevice. And also a smell. It wasn’t unlike a musty dried grass. But wasn’t like it either. Could all of them have made it to the shed? Too small. Too many. But we hadn’t factored in how they could shapeshift into these links.

Laurent Palmier – Ships, ships and more ships. And then some more. Absolute treasure trove of inspiration from the Toulouse-based science fiction illustrator.

Project Subway – Candy Chan is a New Yorker. As such, she has a fascination with the subway. With that, she has created a series of x-ray area maps.

Secret of Mana – I may have to buy a PS4 just to get this game. Trailer for the 3D redux of the original, and one of my favorite, RPGs of all time.

Find Great Google Fonts – An interactive web app to find and view Google fonts. Check out Fontjoy too for dynamic font pairing.

Blade of the Immortal – Trailer for the 100th film from director Takashi Miike about an immortal samurai warrior and lots of blood. Lots of blood. Warning – lots of blood.

Karakuri – The mechanical paper puppets by Haruki Nakamura are a delight to see.

Mercury + Aluminum – Guess what happens when mercury is added to aluminum? Close, but you may not have expected this.

UK Music – An interactive map that captures all the iconic bands produced by the island nation.

Fenn – And speaking of UK music, a new video from Tom Rosenthal, directed and animated by Sarina Nihei.



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