The Vensovians would land their ships at dusk. Tall and lanky with silver eyes and clip fins at each joint, the gill rifles hung at their hips like a set of pin pistols. They were effective shots too, easily taking out each lycanthrope to harvest tubes of these links.

Steve Chinhsuan Wang – Dragons, ships, battle pandas, spacecraft, aircraft, armor and all sorts of amazing concept art you’ll just love to study.

The Herons’ Tree – A massive steel tree with walkways, hanging gardens and large mechanical creatures walking beside? I’m just sad this isn’t finished yet.

Lux Noctis – Reuben Wu’s landscape photos are shots of regular ol’ worldly features that look completely other-worldly.

Fruit vs. Fruit – The Slow Mo Guys set apples and oranges against each other to reveal how they burst apart at 100+ FPS.

Scrinkl – Her name even sounds like paper. Margaret Scrinkl creates amazing paper sculptures and even shows a bit of her process.

Thor: Ragnarok Breakdown – Framestore peels away the layers to show you how they brought the visual effects together for the latest Thor installment.

La Casa Del Centurione – If you’re a fan of mosaic art, you’ll be interested to know that Archaeologist uncovered some Hadrian-era mosaics in Rome. This video shows the site and reconstruction.

3D Sketches – Nope, not the 3D sketches created using 3D software. 3D sketches created using wood and metal… and 3D software. David Moreno is the master.

Galaxy’s Edge – This is how Disney’s new Star Wars theme park in Anaheim, California is coming along.

Never Gonna Die – Title track from the new Pennywise album ‘Never Gonna Die,’ available April 20th.


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