The glass fell from the skylights as the ships retreated overhead. The assassins were small, but furry and leapt from the aft cargo bay without fear and one mission on their mind – harness the Veggomancer and extract these links.

Elana Limkina – Here cross hatching is among the best. These are photos of her sketchbook where she captures birds, plants, eyes and architecture with paper and ink.

Laura – CG making of Laura double for the Logan film.

Mushroom Medley – Jill Bliss makes here home on the Salish Sea islands of Washington State where she photographs a lot of nature including these intricate, colorful mushroom medleys.

Slices – Instagram follow of the week. Mimi Choi is a make-up artist that makes the human body look sliced, eyed and exotic.

Great British Bake-off – The show returns, but not without being introduced by this uber-creepy and delicious trailer.

Ten years Ago – A website by Neal Agarwal that shows you what famous websites looked like just 10 years ago. The internet has aged well.

Voltron: Legendary Defender – Season 3 is out today in the Netflix produced remake that is all sorts of awesome. This is the season 3 trailer. Season 1 trailer? Right here.

ST2 – Speaking of Netflix, the trailer for Stranger Things 2 came out last week as well. If you haven’t seen the first season, catch up quickly. Halloween will be here soon.

KIRUMA – Amazing paper sculpture of a castle in the sky, created by designer Simon Strauss, that can also be used as a paper lamp in a backlit acrylic frame box.

Fenix – No not the band. The song, the new one, by FORQ, with loads of guitary, keyboardy, drummy goodness.

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