Blocks fell charred and knurled from the flame lined jaw of the timber chewer. Each halted bump of its immense body shook the trees blanketing the wall of our escape. With our elm and metal armor and twisted pinon bone spindles we would have to move quickly and be sure to coat each piece in the protective film of these links.

Heng Z – Delectable amounts of mecha, ships and mechanical monstrosities all with a delightful 3-dimensional sketch style.

Turkey Villas – Drone footage of a new villa development in Turkey. “Affordable prices and convenient payment plan” for mountain-side living in cookie cutter castles.

Eroded Pool – Or rather, designed to look sunken into its surroundings but extremely opulent and just absolutely stunning. A concept by Roman Vlasov.

2020 Shelby – The “most powerful street-legal” Ford Mustang ever built–The GT500 700+ HP and 0-60 in under 00:00:04.

Dimensions – A site and handy guide for dimensions of a wide variety of objects. Now, if they just had 3D and VR downloads to go along with it.

Bejing Eclipse – A partial eclipse that is, set against the hill top Wanchun pavilion overlooking the Forbidden City.

Area Matters – If you’re fascinated with finding the area in any polygon (and know the vertices (x, y points)) you’ll love this.

After Dark – Preview of the new course from Chris Rosewarne on modeling in SketchUp and rendering in KeyShot.

Yuve Yuve Yu – My new favorite band. The HU, a Mongolian Heavy Metal group using traditional instruments.

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