Tumbling across the crust of the stinjin’ bog, a band of the small creatures amassed toward the hill. In the distance five of the machines broke the horizon, sun at their backs and the blood of a thousand worlds pumping through their veins to these sound of these links.

Tianhua Xu – He may be the master of highly detailed art featuring characters riding atop beasts. Really though, all pieces are masterfully done.

Book sculpture – Bethan Bickle calls herself a creative problem solver shown best in her sculptures illustrating the books they are built on.

100 Days of Poetry – 100 graphics created by graphic artist Notty as if they were written as a poem over 100 days.

Generative Beethoven – A visual representation of the the classical music from the greatest composer using generative design.

Crank it up – Instagram follow of the week. Florian W. Meuller photographs toy cars on carboard backdrops and it looks absolutely real.

Lada Limo – 20 photos of stretched Ladas. Pimpin.

Navadijos – What if science fiction happened to a small village in the remote hills of Spain. As illustrated by Oscar Llorens.

Farmland – Tom Hegan has many an overhead photo series. This one features shots of farms during winter.

Evergreen – New video from Leah Senior with a catchy 70s style riff and simple beat.

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