The hoards assembled, shoveling trenches, raising lush bean trebuchets to pull attacks to the five walls. Only the titans lying in respite beneath the towers would be able to deter their onslaught but we would need to reach the lower portcullis first to trigger these links.

Oleksiy Rysyuk – Battle-worn ships and spacestation scenes, dark, dystopian with always a character bringing scale to the massive, beautiful scenes.

Black is a Color – New photography from Tim Tadder that goes further than the intention, imo, revealing that everyone has a unique color composition.

Chroma – An array of abstract colorful, 3D shapes, explosions, blends, and more for inspiration or use in a design project.

Koalitic – Instagram follow of the week. How did he get that shot? Jordi shows his unique style of photography and the tricks he uses to create the shot.

Coral Light Collection – There’s a lot of light design that lends itself to 3D printing. These lights are blossoming growth patterns of coral.

Natural Elements -The splendid found-nature wildlife collages of Hannah Bullen-Ryner capturing birds both real and imaginary.

Leafstract – While we’re on the nature topic, take a gander at the abstract leaf motifs from Texas-based artist Corey Mason.

In the Wild – And back to actual wildlife with the absolutely captivating photography of Simen Johan

Keith Hufnagel – If you were a skateboard in the 90s, you knew the name. He passed this week of brain cancer. This is my most memorable skate vid of him. RIP HUF.

Toonify – Online app that uses DeepAI to turn your photo into a Pixar-style character. Just upload a photo. More info on making of the app and how it works too.

Country Things – I’ll always be a sucker for.

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