Transmissions through the corridor were not uncommon but this one contained the fears and joys of a thousand worlds. We could only expect what was to come and knew, somehow, it was tied to the innocuous, strange hum coming from these links.

Jimmy Knives – Low brow. maybe. Wild. definitely. Bat faces, eye heads, and oddities galore from this PDX based illustrator. More on his Instagrams.

1-Bit Pixel Art – There’s 8-bit pixel art, but then there’s 1-bit pixel art. What are the techniques to master it? Brandon James Greer shares.

Juno Jupiter – NASA has a website dedicated to the Juno spacecraft exploration of Jupiter. With history and timeline, it and the gallery are highly recommended.

1950s Couples – Vintage shots of couples in the 1950s.

How Strong is Titanium? – The hydraulic press channel shares the strength of different materials matched against its 150 ton press.

LEGO Technic Tank – This massive LEGO Mindstorm tank can pull people in wheelchairs.

Instant Doctor – What if AI was in charge of your diagnosis. In a world of pandemics and automation, this doesn’t seem too far off.

Vectornator – Excellent, free iOS app for creating vector art design and illustration.

How Low Can You Logo – A contest to create the worst logo. Hilarious.

I Miss the Office – If you really miss it that much, you can use this office noise generator. Low hum, inaudible conversation, snack munching, the works.

Aries – New beats from Gorillaz. Animated video of the track featuring Peter Hook and Georgia. Directed by Jamie Hewlett.


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