A jellyfiggle of small proportions galloped into the stableyard, shifting its gaze toward the pumphouse. We wouldn’t be able to use the blast hoses against its wily thorax flaps, but if we could trigger the flame retardant system, there may be a chance to protect us against its use of these links.

Fernando Correa – There’s something refreshing about Fernando’s sketchy style with muted tones and blocky shading. Cars, weapons, characters and more. Ahhh.

Santi – Lovely bunch of 3D art and visuals with a still life/product shot kind of focus created by Berlin-based artist, SDanti Zoraidez.

Biodiversity Heritage Library – Diagrams, sketches, botanical, animal, and more. Over 150,000 illustrations are available for free download and a treat to view.

Cyberpunk is Closer Than You Think – The entries are in and winners chosen for this amazing photo contest put on by CD Projekt Red.

Petertarka – Instagram follow of the week. From abstract to shape heavy, colorful compositions in this beautiful, whimsical, odd, captivating 3D art.

Decadence and Neglect – The wonderful architectural photography of James Kerwin who has a wonderful eye for symmetry and perspective.

LEGO Dots – What’s this? A new LEGO? The building system plans a spread into the arts and craft industry with its new build system.

Procreate Brushes – if you enjoy drawing with Procreate, this is the best list of brushes I’ve seen. Mix of free and premium.

Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe – First single from… Elon Musk. On ‘Emo G Records’ I was hoping for something more nerdcore, but this’ll do. Great Cybertruck driving music.


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