A jellyfiggle of small proportions galloped into the stableyard shifting its gaze toward the pump house. We had two options 1) wait until it crossed the bleed gate or 2) raise an electrified fence quickly around our perimeter using the jagged edges, wire spinners, and spring arms of these links. 

Aleksandr Chernobai – There’s something captured by particular sketch illustration styles and this Moscow-based artist has it down with light and tones that put you in the scene.

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B, A, Start – A tribute to Kazuhisa Hashimoto, creator of the Konami Code.

LEGO Horse – But not just a horse, a galloping horse, in this 11-minute video that takes you through the entire build.

Metal Evolution – Sculptor Brian Mock creates sculptures of dogs, horses, sea creatures, human figures and more using nuts, bolts, and other hardware.

NYC 1911 4K – What would 1911 New York City look like in full-color 4k? This neural network restoration will captivate you.

The Log 2 – Another year of animals crossing a log across a creek compiled into 5 minutes.

In the Jar – I’m a sucker for interesting papercraft art. Ayumi Shibata creates layer upon layer, lit warm to add even more interest.

Millbong – The tonal system developed by engineer, John W. Nystrom, created a base 16 numbering system he proposed for math, timekeeping, and more.

“I know I have nature on my side. If I do not succeed to impress upon you its utility and great importance to mankind, it will reflect that much less credit upon our generation, upon scientific men and philosophers.”

John W. Nystrom

Think About Things – Greatest video of 2020… Ok, second best, from Icelandic gropp Daði Freyr.

YouTube video

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