The move to the hinterland was upon us. We had shards of daylight split between vast nights, bridged only by the shifting tree worm’s shrieks. We were not sure if the wooded channel actually existed, but we were sure of the Hintergurgle. For once it knew what you were after, it would do everything to protect these links.

Xiaodi Jin – Airy and ethereal are two words that come to mind, but then you’ve also got fat lava giants and other beasties.

Rogue Falcon – Is it possible to make a Nissan Rogue look like the Mellinium Falcon? Outside of flattening it… pretty close.

Mother’s Day Coupon Pack – It’s this Sunday. You might want to grab these coupons – soothing woolf howls, badger petting, sailor outfits and more.

Tremors – A Tremors series? With Kevin Bacon? Please. Please. Please.

Harley Blue – Think really hard if you’ve ever seen a blue motorcycle, then take a look at this Special Edition Harley Davidson that took over 2,500 hours of work.

Stems – Puppet making. Here’s how Ainslie Henderson’s stop motion magic comes to life, using bits of, well, everything.

Nail Sunny – Look, I know you’re not into fingernails or fingernail art, but molar fingernails? Nose and mustache fingernails? These are rediculous.

Ice Cream Sandwiches – How they are made. Slightly less appetizing… pass the box, please. THE WHOLE BOX.

Gravity Falls + Gagnam Style – Elizabeth Sampat tweeted about her 14-yo son creating this mash-up. Pretty good.


The Captain – A new video of an old song from… from the Flaming Lips to celebrate the release of the Deluxe Edition of Greatest Hits Vol. 1.

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