A dizzy spot in a timber rot grew up through the forest, and quiet bears chunked little bear up through the treetops, to see where the Habble Shrumper might have stashed its gold, the gold as old as grandpa bear who fought him five scores before, to bring the village these links.

Boti Harko – Wonderful set of odd and iconic characters and scenes from this Barcelona-based concept artist/illustrator.

Naranja’s Journal – The sketches in the sketchbook of José Naranja – just beautiful each of them and available as prints with information on bookbinding as well.

Sculpting Snoke – If you’ve ever been interested in traditional sculpting, you’ll want to see LorCraft, Nicholas Brown, sculpt this bust of Supreme Leader Snoke.

Wood Balls – How wood balls are made.

3D Type – Instagram follow of the week. Daniel Carlmatz is a designer who melds type to do his bidding as is evident in his letter and logo series.

Awaken Akira – Homage to Akira by Ash and Zaoeyo with the video, process videos and gallery shots.

Dirt Track Racers – There’s something pleasant about dirt bike racers on a solid background. This is the series by INK Studio for HUCK Magazine.

Requiem for Pianos – Photos of delapidated pianos in delapidated buildings. Also be sure to check out his nature series.

Wiral Lite – A portable cable cam you’ll want to snag for… you know, cable camming things. You can snag it on Indiegogo here.

Soundscape – Online site to record loops, and share them with others, that syncs these loops and mixes them with your music automatically. And it’s free.

Severed – The Decemberists havea new record on Capitol. This is their new video. It was directed by Morgan Gruer.


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