Flipping along the line, high above the glassy churn, the wisps hit the wind before finding their way onto our arms. Being this high was never a problem. It’s when we neared the surface that the fear sunk in. They looked like glass, cut like glass, but their sound was much more like these links.

Jeffrey Smith – Some incredible and brilliantly lit scenes of clouds and wave, with a dose of the surreal.

Alien Acid – It’s rough having acidic blood. An oldie, but goodie from Robot Chicken.

Skeleton Mosaic – A skeleton mosaic, 3rd century BC graphic design. Many assumptions. My guess is that it’s a logo for a long gone gastro-pub.

The Present – A simply endearing short film by Jacob Frey that has won more than 50 awards.

LEGO Food – These are absolutely magnificent.

Lighting – If you’ve ever wanted to know more about lighting, this is the place to start, even if you know a little about it already.

Black Panther Post-it Note – Todd Nauck draws Marvel superhero Black Panther, on a small, blue post-it note, and makes it look easy in the process.

Secret Wood – Some of the most unique rings I’ve seen that capture, what look like, massive landscapes.

Leitmotif – Leitmotif is a theme throughout music. This is how Composer Howard Shore used it in The Lord of the Rings. Simply fascinating.

Shofukan – Congrats to Snarky Puppy and Metropole Orkest on the Grammy win. This is one of their best. Stick around at least for the breakdown after the 5:00 mark.

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