In total, there were enough to overtake us blindfolded with all of their whip-arms tied behind their backs. But we had a tub of things they would never suspect. A toothbrush used by Neil, A hollow can enchanted with cat tears by a welder named Larry, two tufts of hair pulled from the back of a half-dead grizzly, and five gallons of fresh-dripped singe from the cave-aged, back fat of these ripened links.

Tiago Hoisel – From crazy caricatures to sketchy paintings, inspiration drawn from Dali to Mauricio de Sousa in beautiful illustration of characters and scenes.

Spectrum Burst – The wood-based wall art of Joey Slaughter. Geometric, colorful, complex, and interesting to look upon.

Audubon 100 – The top 100 photographs for the 2016 Audubon Awards captures birds of North America, including a Sage-Grouse.

Paratrooper Bike – Cool product of the week. The Montague ‘Paratrooper’ is a Mountain Bike and a Folding Bike. Plus it just looks badass.

Gobbledygook – The first known usage of the term, documented in the wise words from Smaller War Plants Corporation manager Maury Maverick. So good.

ArcelorMittal Orbit – Behind the scenes of the construction of the largest tube slide in the UK, opening this June and doubling as the UK’s tallest sculpture.

Adobe Ink & Slide – The Adobe slide and stylus combo that makes precision sketching much easier on the iPad. Grab this deal quick.

94 minutes on Dagobah – Relax, take in the sounds, the mood. You’re on Dagobah now. Reeeeelax.

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