All around us, the cavities emptied, spreading apart with a hiss and a pop. The floor moved – Everywhere, it moved. And then, as if out of nowhere, the ship appeared, reverse thrusters on, incinerating anything around it unshielded by the fire-retardant off-gas of these links.

David Thor Fjalarsson – He’s an illustrator and comic book artist by trade but his mix of environment and perspective are some of my favorite.

Skydivers Unite – An aerodynamic sim created in Cinema 4D by Nikita Diakur that brings you along for a unforgettable jump.

BMW R80 Custom – A custom build by Eastern Spirit Garage with a modular design that is a “piece of craftsman art… like 3 bikes in one.”

Bob Ross 3D World – CG Geek takes on a Bob Ross painting, this time, turning it into a 3D world using Blender in nearly a month’s worth of model work.

Pipes, Robots, Buildings – Instagram follow of the week. Greg Olijnyk creates awesome robots, buildings and more using cardboard, glue, and toothpicks.

2D to 3D People – What if you could turn a single photo of a person into 3D? This recent research paper shows how it’s possible. Real-time mocap video too.

Mos Eisley LEGO – Get your hands on the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina LEGO scene. It’s coming October first. 3187 pieces – $350.

Flight Sim vs Real Life – Side by side of Microsoft Flight Simulator and a real-life landing. The IRL graphics look a bit rough.

Weird Al Piano Medley – I wasn’t going to tell you what it was but you’ll still get a kick out of it – the best of Weird Al in a 9-minute piano medley.

Break the Cycle – For Today brings it, with an apropos sentiment… for today and, even more, this year.

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