Sheets draped the landscape. Bleached white by the nine minor suns. Though the valley was still lush, the charred portal flickered in its midst. Our suits would protect us from the chipmunk hoards that burrowed near it but we would have to siphon off half of the blood stores to keep them from gnawing away at these links.

Aliya Chen – has the knack for putting you in a dreamlike state in her concepts that capture dragons, battles, memories and pictuesque landscapes.

Keisuke Teshima – Painting dragons in one stroke. Lil’ glitter.

fx_mania – Instagram follow of the week. Not quite White walkers, but his Cinema 4D real life viz FX will amaze and, possibly, creep you out.

Tach Pollard – How blowtorches and wood carvings lead to peaceful faces of mystical creatures.

Notre Dame – A interactive 3D breakdown of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, or how not to keep your MIddle Age Cathedral up to fire code standard.

Aakash Nihalani – His outdoor tape art takes 3D optical illusions to the next level. Cehck out the indoor work as well.

Contact Juggling – If you like juggling, you’ll love what Masaki Hirano can do with a glass ball. Just amazing.

Human Condition – Unspoken gettin’ urban and gettin’ real about the human condition.

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