Tired and torn the Chinzwhithal cut a furrow at the canyon pass up to the chiseled peaks of Monteretch, collapsing at dusk having cut just deep enough to unblock the spring where the vein would now fill with the nectar of these links.

Maciej Drabik – New space scenes and cities (plus a city kitbash set) with personal work of galaxy libraries, cover illustration and more.

Through Your Lens – Winners of the 2018 Underwater photography competition. These are just amazing.

Patterninja – An very simple online app to create your very own custom patterns. Select from images or upload your own.

Neural Beatbox – A project by Nao Tokui that records noise you make, analyzes and segments into beat types, then auto-generates and percussive loop or sorts.

Waxdrip Landscapes – Dylan Gebbia-Richards’ works are just mezmerizing in their scale and color. Made of a combination of splattering melted wax and color pigments.

insta_repeat – Instagram follow of the week. HOw often is the same/similar photo of the same/similar location, object or experience taken? This captures some in each shot.

Kraftland – Richard Kraft, Disney memorabilia collector, is selling off his collection this month. These are the odd and interesting items in the collection.

Play – A 23-minute long instrumental with Dave Grohl on every instrument – a wonderful documentary that’s a music video that’s an ode to budding musicians on the (calming, frustrating, invigorating) process (nsfw language) – actual video starts @8:15 in.

YouTube video


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