Outside the worn iron gate, a north wind blew at their backs as they approached. All five, scarred from battle, hardened by storm, returned with the largest cache of dried licorice root the village had ever seen, extracted, they came to learn later, from the stringy cheek meats of these links.

Ryan Gitter – A wide range of art and influence in concept art that introduces you to characters in strange and beautiful lands, leaving a desire to explore.

Binhai Science Museum – An architectural gem completed last year in Binhai, China as photographed by Kris Provoost.

Simpsons IRL – Well, almost real-life. Hossein Diba’s life-like, slightly creepy, interpretation of the Simpson characters.

Negrar di Valpolicella – An amazing architectural find this week – a completely intact Roman mosaic floor from 3rd century AD. in the town near Verona, Italy.

Wind Wall – Is it video. Nope. It’s a kinetic building facade changed by the wind making it almost seem like you can see the actual shape of the wind.

Go Pro Skate Spotlight – Low, up close, and way too short. Oh wait, here’s more.

60MPH in 1.1 – How fast? Yes, that fast. In a custom-built (of course) 1500 HP Honda Civic *looks at Civic in driveway, hangs head in shame*.

3D Wood – The laser cut topographical maps of Meridiam Maps with some on their process as well. Etsy shop here. Kickstarter here.

Lamborghini Sian – A new 3696 piece LEGO Technic set coming June 1st.

Heart Attack – Debut single from BRONSON that puts a strummy beat to the battle against some phys sim wind.


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