Battle-worn stiltbots of the rim village hollows hung in the root-wrenched cliffs. Once they took flight our stunners would be useless unless we could disable the plasma shields with the blast charge of these links.

Paul Chadeisson – These ships. So many. Orbiting planets, landing aircraft, carrying out missions, some abandoned. Amazing work, and more city, space, and environment shots.

Big Box Collection – Remember when video games came in boxes. The good ol’ days. This is a 3D collection of the boxes of video game past.

The Swiss Machine – 70 step basketball trick shot and one of the most impressive Rub Goldberg builds I’ve yet seen.

Super Violin Mario – Japanese Violinist Teppei Okada plays the music AND sound effects for Super Mario Bros from stage one to the final stage.

Subtractive Variability – “Felipe Pantone’s kinetic sculpture Substractive Variability Manipulable 3 is the symbiosis of both theory of color and the search of the oeuvre’s manipulable essence.”

Light Pulse – A visual of the time it takes pulses of light to reach the moon, then Mars, from Data is Beautiful.

Sparrek – Instagram follow of the week. Kylli Sparre creates surreal single-subject paintings of women in motion.

Fluent UI – Teaser and visuals for Microsoft’s new web and mobile UX framework to illustrate a new approach to building cross-platform experiences

BLURRY – Crown the Empire brings their melodic rock and mad drum chops in a song from the band’s latest album ‘Sudden Sky’. MZRY is another (heavier) one to see.

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