It began slowly, a low hum buried in a flea-bitten haze of fur and glowing eyes. What we were hearing in the cavern and what we were measuring on the nibblometer didn’t match though. The power readings were off the charts, and all we could do is huddle in the corner, cover our eyes, and hope they would pass us to get to these links.

Celia Lowenthal – The illustrious New York-based Illustrator has a way with a color palette in a refreshing comic-like style of period scenes.

Video Game Propaganda Prints – All of Fernando Reza’s illustrated prints are amazing but these, these take the cake. From Dig Dug and Pac-man to Zelda and Mario.

Human Terrain -Matt Daniels set out to visualize human population growth. This is the interactive map that shows you the terrain of the world, based on quantities of humans.

Dr. Seuss, Taxidermist – Tufted Gustards, Drouberhannis, and Andulovian Gracklers, of course. The famous collection of stuffed Seuss oddities.

Yōkai – Instagram follow of the week. Cristian Marianciuc’s paper crane creations take origami to the next level… and then the next.

Fiddleridoo – Andy Graham has created “a hybrid didgeridoo and bowed stringed instrument” that meshes the sound of each. If a fret could be added now.

The Tree – In a world of drought, an old man spends his days collecting drops of water to quench the thirst of a dead tree.

Emission Series – A geometric exploration in shape and light. “Each iteration I would duplicate the setup, create a new illustration, transition that into a 3D scene, and then recompose the final output.”

Heavy Metal – New one from Justice for their Grammy-nominated album, Woman Worldwide.

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