Charged, it shrank back through the brush, mechanical tracks greased by symbiotic disgust of its host, lit in the beams pulsing about its skeletal cage. Stopping, the small hatch above its brow opened and out popped the pilot host; small, half fur and leather straps, banging on about these links.

Jake Parker – The lovely sketch style and character design of Mr. Jake Parker. Viz development of environments and a gallery with loads of additional art.
American linguistics -You say carra-mel, I say car-mel. You say Bo-wie, I say Boo-wie. The conflict of pronunciation in 122 different maps.
Design in a nutshell – From Gothic Revival to Postmodernism, the Open University presents six videos that give you a crash course on the design revolutions.
OK GO Tiny Desk – OK Go helps Bob Boilin of All Songs Considered move from old office to new office in 223 takes. They get get the Boom mic in there are few times.
Dwight K Schrute III – His resume, in highly graphical form.
Code in 8 Weeks – David Sinsky recaps what he went through to start coding in eight weeks with insight and plenty of resources to get you started on the right track.
Nodes – A Chladni plate/tone generator experiment with a nice sound track to go along. What’s your favorite pattern?
Lines of Lofoten – The art of the big bike line. Built over three weeks in Unstad, Norway, seven riders construct the freeride path to record a day of sessions.


Josh is founder and editor at, founder at Aimsift Inc., and co-founder of EvD Media. He is involved in engineering, design, visualization, the technology making it happen, and the content developed around it. He is a SolidWorks Certified Professional and excels at falling awkwardly.