I apologize for not publishing a Friday Smackdown in so long! What happened??W! Well, I took a little break over the summer and got carried away with the laziness. Do keep sending exciting and interesting things you see throughout the week and I’ll wrap it up with the best inspiration, art, music, photography, and more I’ve found as well. On to the smackdown.

Clouds of a silver razor haze settled over the timber’s edge. The strength of their small band was buffered with sticks and logs, hibiscus pools, and old stump wood stools. They could fasten the cords to its base, lift it to steady its legs, but it would take all the raw, liquid excess of these links.

Kamila Szutenberg – Absolutely massive scenes of jagged mountains, bustling space ports, cloudy sea skies and more.

3D Rooms – An illustration project from Amrit Pal Singh of small, cubicle rooms that can be used as backgrounds for computer or Zoom.

AnimeGAN – The output from an open-source program that turns images/video into various anime styles.

Reality Check – Google AR brings everything from dinosaurs to the Mona Lisa. Animals, Space, History, Art, and more right in your own home.

Input – Instagram follow of the week. Various forms of analog wonder for optimal sensory experience.

Big Sky – Like the beach? Even if you don’t, you may like these paintings by Krista Schumacher. From smooth and muted to bright and chunky.

LEGO + IKEA – It was only a matter of time wasn’t it? LEGO and IKEA join forces to bring four LEGO compatible boxes.

Bob Ross Monopoly – I’m torn. I mean, Bob Ross had a monopoly on landscape painting but building a cabin empire with Happy Bucks? Pre-order here.

KOSmusic – Fabulous recreations of 80’s TV show theme songs like, Chips, Airwolf, Knight Rider, and more.

Circle Guitar – that is really more of a step sequencer and guitar in one and an entirely interesting combo-instrument created by Anthony Dickens.

Last Amen – If you hadn’t heard, Chegall Guvara is putting out a new studio album. Here they are live at Greenbelt in 1991.

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