A blue moss wall, iced with frost spider webs, grappled its way past roots and branches of the Shornfort realm. The forms would glisten and melt, recrystallized with a shrill scream as you pass holding your finds, cold shadows waiting to be within reach of these links.

Nick Gindraux – Ancient dragon riders, old Russian mechs, space desert buggies, and crashed ships are just some of the scenescreated by this LA-based Concept Artist.

Right There – Beautifully odd ceramic sculptures that oddly illustrate the artist’s feelings in an odd and magnificent sort of way.

Aerial Facades – Instagram follow of the week. Camilo Monzón Navas has turned top-down facade shots by drones into quite a thing. See the collection here.

Back to the Moon – A 360 video Google Doodle and ode to filmmaker George Méliès in this collaboration between Google, Cinématèque Française and Nexus Studios

Underwater Realm – Not only amaizing ocena life photograpy, but some of the most amazing underwater ocean life black & white shots by Anuar Patjane Floriuk.

Trippy Rollercoaster Ride – Jeb Corliss took his new GoPro Fusion on the Magic Mountain rollercoaster. Trippiness ensued.

Jido Rhythm – Music visualization variations superimposed over your face in this app that puts the listener in the music… or the music in (on?) the listener. If you like music and selfies, this is for you.

Prism Keycaps – I just love these. It’s like you’re typing on ice or, ya know, tiny prisms.

Whistle – 4B and Teez lit up the festival scene with this iconic ditty. It’s been remixed so much, Hive put this 18-song remix pack together. Download and mix.

Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran re-produced a lot of their videos from the 1980s this week. You may remember this one. Or not, if you were yet to be birthed.

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