Drenched from the light of an ice-coated moon, the grass of the thousand field marsh split each side of a sliver wind. A top it rode Shimmy Gripples, eyes blazing, hand of ice and the other of fire gripping the reins of these links.

Tomàs Barceló – A sculptor since he was a child, Tomàs creates busts and more with a sci-fi/fantasy twist that

The Far Side Returns – Gary Larson, yes, the creator of The Far Side strip, is back… Well, not back, he’s doing ‘new stuff’ – DIGITAL stuff. And it’s amazing.

Jeep Gladiator – Assembled by FCA since the beginning of 2019, this shows the assembly line process of the newest Jeep, the Jeep Gladiator.

2020 Audubon – The winners of the 2020 Audubon Photography Awards. And video of winner, Joanna Lentini, discussing her winning shot and gear.

LEGO Millennium Falcon – I was just saying, stop motion LEGO builds would be really cool to do. This is Lego my Legos doing just that for the fastest Star Wars ship.

LEGO Nintendo – And while we’re on the topic, the LEGO Nintendo with Super Mario on the TV is available on August 1st.

Apollo 16 60 FPS – The original footage of the Apollo 16 mission’s moon exploration interpolated to 60 FPS and colorized, plus synced with audio.

Scoring the Mandalorian – Composer Ludwig Göransson performs the theme from the Mandalorian on a number of instruments.

BFFs – Bill and Ted. Ren and Stimpy. Calvin and Hobbs. Illustrations from Dave Perillo and Tom Whalen of pivotal besties from the 1980s/90s and beyond.

Kamp-Rite Double Cot/Tent – It’s a tent and a cot. For those who like to sleep out doors but not on the rocky ground.

Under Pressure – Marc Martel and Ultimate Queen Celebration do a work-from-home cover of Queen’s classic.

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