Satchels swung from the fenceposts snagged on the barbs by the passerby’s whipping past on steel steed with wind on their heels chasing a pint of mead. Rusted eyes would catch a glimpse of the bags against the sun, oiled eons past when the mechs tilled the land, bound to happen again once hatch the plan to forge these links.

Thomas Chamberlain-Keen – Just all kinds of delights from this UK-based Concept Artist. Gun mech and dragon slayer, tanks, monasteries, amazing creatures and, oh, so much more.

Sun, Space, Galaxy – Winners of the Royal Museums Greenwich Astronomy Photography contest of the year with shots of planet, sun, moon, aurora, nebulae and more.

Burn Fahrenheit 451 – A special edition of the Ray Bradbury classic, Fahrenheit 451, that can only be read after having heat applied to the pages. Guess the price?

Performing the Machine – You know how loud a 3D printer can be. What happens if create a harp like devices to control the noises and make music? An experiment by David McCallum for Fab Lab Amsterdam.

Tiny Doors – Instagram follow of the week. Have you ever seen a tiny nook in a tree or sidestreet? Perfect place for a tiny door. Karen Anderson installs them around Atlanta.

Wobblewood – Jef Sloan creates some amazing wooden animal sculptures by kerfing the wood to shape the forms. Sculptures for land, sea, and air.

AIC Collection – I had thought about attending Art Institute of Chicago, oh so many years ago. Now, their entire collection is online for our viewing pleasure.

The Mine – A no JS, all CSS adventure game. Hosted on CodePen of course you can take a gander as you play. Just brilliant.

Ken Block 1977 Hoonitruck – Dropped and hot. A custom Gymkhana Ten race truck based on a 1977 Ford F-150. Blame it on the thunder.

Native Tongue – New one from Switchfoot who is currently out on tour in India before hitting the states. Listen to it on Spotify here.

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