A blanket of read posies collapsed against its metal skin, contrasted by the oil-charred joints and rusted thrust rods. We had five total, and a hundred more in various pieces. We had enough for the harvest, but first there were the couplers to build; the only way they could link minds through the protein absorption from these links.

Shin jong hun – Fabulous, beautiful environment art with wonderful, twisting trees, cloud-filled skies, and icy mountains from this Seoul-based artist.

Stop-motion cooking – Bebop is back with LEGO in real life, backing a cake, making a pizza, and slicing sushi, leaving us wondering how he does it all.

Lord of the Rings (with Lightsabers) – ImmersionVFX brings another crossover, this time with the Fellowship battling lightsaber-wielding orcs, taking 5 months to create.

Nature TTL Comp – Nature TTL’s Photography of the Year competition winners. Over 7000 entries from 117 countries.

As Above – A distant galaxy? An oddly active star cluster? The skin of a sea creature? No, this is a single-shot, slow-motion capture of a chemical reaction.

COVID-19 Humble Bundle – $1,071 worth of games and ebooks for just $30 with 100% of proceeds going to support organizations responding to COVID-19.

H O R S E – A horse struggles to exist. Concept, animation, sound, and music, by AJ Jefferies.

Endless – The Live beats movement is here. A new, collaborative music making loop app to jam with friends. For iPhone or iPad.

Life and Death of 3D – The best thing in movies for a hot minute, then… what happened? Don’t worry, it’ll be back in a few generations.

Logobly – Create a complete logo package in 60 seconds with all site, social, and branding needed.

Hambone Woodworks – Rustic American flags with torched wood – traditional, military, firefighter, police and more.

USA Begins With US – Sorry, everyone else, but the Hot Country Knights have a hot new video.

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