A flood of tumbling cedar berries filled the root burrows of waxwing ravine. Near its end the tendrils wrapped and fell in quiet ease as the rumbling grew louder and the edges of the sky broke open at the rising of these links.

Pavel Vophira – The pastely, muted tones our my favorite in the array of surreal scenes of large robots, ships, machines, and floating vehicles.

Unreal Engine 5 Demo – There’s a reason it has almost 10 Million views in just a couple of days. Absolute, pure awesome.

Jerry Stiller RIP – Jerry Stiller, best known as George Costanza on Seinfeld, passed this week at the age of 92. This is a tribute to his comedic genius.

Big Picture – Winners of the the Big Picture 2020 Nature Photography competition.

Invisible Rockets – An inside look at four space shuttle launches with real-time staging and fuel burn.

SpaceX Docking Simulator – Do you have what it takes to dock a spacecraft?

VANMOOF – The launch of the VanMoof S3 and X3. Just a beautiful example of an interactive WebGL product experience.

ManMan – Instagram follow of the week. Studio of Zhipeng Tan that creates skeletal inspired furniture pieces.

Chair Times – And on that subject. A documentary on the history of chair design.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater – The iconic games are getting remastered and re-released in glorious 4K. This is the trailer. Pre-orders get a new warehouse scene.

Kaskade – Live from the Grand Canyon Skywalk (last night). Great chill background music for your evening and weekend.


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