The chest, arms and legs all opened. Thought it took but two to control, the others were there to be transported from one farm to the next. Sickles and blades in hand, they streamed out, steam bleeding, mixing with the mist, ready to harvest the rooty riggle vooters rising from these links.

Jakub Rozalski – Lovely new series from this talented Concept Artist & Illustrator for and upcoming video game set in the 1920s, and plenty of process shots to go along.

Type Nugget – An online typesetting tool to create, view and generate your typographic style and spit out beautifully tidy CSS.

Taxonomy of Typography – And while we’re on the subject, I’ll take one of these posters from Pop Chart Lab that displays type varieties, anatomy and more.

GiTS BTS – A behind the scenes look at the upcoming 2017 live-action Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson, with approval from the original GiTS director Mamoru Oshii.

Balls of Light – Australian photographer, Denis Smith, introduces the beginning of her journey into photography with these amazing single exposure, no post shots of balls of light in peculiar and beautiful locations.

AVA – A portable 3D projection map installation inspired by experimentation in particle physics and Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome with 360 traceable area from the exterior surface of the dome.

Quadsaw – Square hole cutter. Welcome to the future.

Rogue One – New Star Wars: Rogue One trailer with more details and some awesome X-wing fighter battle clips. December 16th is getting closer everyday.

Fav Deals this Week!
6.5 ft Apple Lightning Cable – 3 Pack (50% Off)
Skull Cookie Mold (40% Off)
MondoHub 24-port USB (30% Off)

Innerbloom – Chillaxed new tunes from RÜFÜS with video and art direction by Katzki, from the BLOOM album out now on Sweat It Out Music.

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