They flared. We stepped back. Who know what those things could have done. There were stories of them taking the skin right off you, clothes still on. What seemed so strange is what they were lined with. Yes, it was strange. And true. The nostrils were lined with these links.

Wojtek Fus – Wow environments. It’s no wonder Wojtek specializes in matte painting and environment design. All with amazing lighting and atmosphere.

Velocipedia – Absolutely captivating. Gianluca Gimini asked people to draw bikes from memory. These are the renderings he made.

Forever Fluent – The book I’m reading that is completely changing how I think about learning a language and, for the first time, helping.

Edda Gimnes – We don’t do fashion too much, but these styles from Edda Gimnes are the pencil sketch look of the future.

Crystal House – Architectural firm MVRDV created an entirely transparent façade of a CHANEL store on Amsterdam’s upmarket shopping street with a gradient from the glass lower to the brick upper.

Titanic Sink – If you have about 3 hours, you can watch this real-time animation of the Titanic sinking, with timestamps and captions.

Shotgun comp – All about shotgun competition shooting for kids + four shotguns for beginners.

Hummingbird Whisperer – Tracy Johnson has a knack for capturing incredible photos and videos of the hummingbirds that visit her yard.

Purple Rain – With Prince passing this week, we bid farewell with a (better than the original, imo) punk rock cover of his most famous song by an unknown band.

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