The crack and split of the paper cunkles ended as quickly as it started. Stacks upon stacks lined the warehouse with only the edges charred, but their fleshy interiors were still roomy enough to move around in plus forage enough to keep from freezing after the sun set and all was frosted with the icy sweat from the pores of these links.

Kez Laczin – Weird? Odd? Enjoyably so. You will lack no curiosity with the work of this Texas-based artist and you’ll leave wanting to see more.

Nicolacaredda – Instagram follow of the week. This painter from Milan has a way with color. A mix of surreal and dream-infused realities.

Dante’s Inferno Violins – 33 violins and one Cello to be exact. Artist Leanardo Frigo hand-paints each to illustrate the story. Amazing.

Patterns 2019 – More color. But in patterns by Juan Díaz-Faes. I’d not wear any of these, but it’s captivating to think on how these patterns tile.

CY-BO – A packaging concept that combines pieces of something rather than cutting and shaping from a larger piece of something.

Cool Vintage – Love Land Rovers? You will love what Cool Vintage does to give them new life. Loads of inspiration for your own project car in their gallery.

Drone Magic – Marco Tempest has a way with technology. Is it all programmed? Or is it all actually responding to him?

When I Grow Up – Yup. It’s rap. But not like the rest – It’s NF. Other Rappers: flexing with cars and girls. NF: Garbage truck and shopping carts.

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