From the top of the trees it took more time but going by ground or sky was impossible. The limbs provided us brief cover when melon seeds would come exploding through the leaves. The only thing we knew for sure is that these incredibly massive weather anomalies could only be generated by these links.

JaeCheol Park – Plenty of colorful work, but these sketches of city, skyscraper, ship, and forest are simply mezmerizing. Videos included with some of his earlier work.

Ice Speedster – A 1958 ‘Ice speedster’ is up for auction at Sotheby’s. And yes, it looks like a movie prop or, at least, the inspiration for a particular land speeder.

Sentence, Breath and Shroud – I thought I could tell how these meshy art pieces were made, but turns out they’re fabric, embroidery and little bits of interesting.

A Sunday Night – Abstract work of musical interpretations by Melissa S. McCracken. Hit ‘Show thumbnails’ in the lower left to see all the pieces. On Instagram here.

Gangland – At one point (1923 – 1926) there were 1,313 gangs in Chicago. This map, by the man who did the study, locates all the enclaves of societal structure.

1988 – Remember 1988? Sure you do. Or, if you were not born yet, perhaps you heard the stories. Here they are in picture form from The Atlantic.

NSSF – It’s National Shooting Sports Month, y’all. May I suggest sporting clays or some cowboy action shooting. Good resources and education here.

Apparatum – Digital interface and analog sound generation. These combined are the installation inspired by the Polis Radio Experimental Studio that produced electroacoustic music.

LEGO Voltron – Totally missed this. It’s true. LEGO has released a giant LEGO Voltron build, including the five buildable, posable lions. It stands 15″ tall as the robot with over 2321 pieces.

Still Feel – New video from half•alive with some urban dance choreographed to a poppy tune.

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