flickr-flowers.jpgThose are the tallest beets I’ve ever seen. I bet you could have beet juice for a year outta just one of those. It’s too bad they’re surround by hair and a river of white gravy. yeah, I wouldn’t get near those things.

Pviewr – Create a Flickr Slideshow real, real fast with just a search.
TiddlyWiki – A dynamic reusable personal notebook. More than it looks and fun to use. Try it out. Thanks Shawn! – If your on the road and need to access your FTP, you can do it over the here, for free. – Learn to type faster in minutes. This has got to be one of the most useful online learning tools hands down.
Etnies Custom Shoe Builder – These make my plain black Etnies Artos look bland.
Firefox Weave – What Firefox has in the works for the future of online interaction.


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